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why are you want to buy towel from peshtemal towel wholesale?

Why do you want to buy from peshtemal towel wholesale. when you can easily enter your peshtemal and turkish towel?

peshtemal towel wholesale
buy peshtemal

Considering the difference in price between import and buy from wholesale,(different kinds of peshtemal,Turkish towels, woven cotton napkin and kitchen towel), you can have a better choice with enter the types of handmade towels.
you will be more benefit than the existing price difference take it.

We have provided for you,kinds of handmade towels ,peshtemal napkin with the tools to easily with just one touch via WhatsApp, and without all additional correspondence in the field of product us.
Our prices range from $ 0.5 to $ 15, offering you a variety of prices and quality.

kinds of handmade towels and peshtemal towel wholesale

peshtemal towel wholesale

peshtemal towel:
this towels,fabricate is from cotton yarn, there are plenty of colors and patterns with cotton yarn and velvet yarn.
This towels model is manufactured in sizes of 70 * 130 cm, 100 * 180 cm and 100 * 200 cm, and is suitable for baths, swimming pools, seaside and beach.
Note that due to its low volume, quality and durability, excellent absorption and rapid drying, one of the most popular towels in different countries.

kinds of peshtemal towel wholesale
kitchen towel

kitchen towel:
Kitchen towels are made of cotton and yarn of Lenin and are widely used for daily use. These towels are woven in sizes 40 * 40 cm, 40 * 70 cm and 40 * 80 cm.
The quality and affordability of them and the environmental compatibility will surely make you want to buy it.

kinds of peshtemal towel wholesale
hand towel

hand towel and face:

Hand towels like cotton towels and velvet are woven from the cotton and linen, and there is a huge variety in these products. Its beautiful colors, handmade by women’s art,we give you best hand towel.

cotton napkin:

These napkin are woven in various sizes of 20×20 cm and 40×40 cm, suitable for hotels and restaurants. Keep in mind, however, that the best cotton napkin is the daily use for instead of paper napkin.

We suggest that you contact us for purchase kinds of towel insted of to buy peshtemal towel wholesale.



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