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what is Peshtemal the well features?

We hope that we will be able to provide information,about to the correct identification and purchase of peshtemal the well, although limited.
and remember,this important and hygienic product and every day use it.

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Good towel

A good towel, depending on the storage conditions and the number of washing and use, can last between 5 and 10 years, which, of course, is due to be hygiency of this product, depending on the amount of consumption, is routinely replaced annually.
The labels on the towels are often filled with words and sentences with industrial definitions, such as the type of cotton fabric or yarn produced and so on, which is mainly for the unfamiliar consumer.
below, we describes some of these issues.

Long Staple/Extra Long Staple Cotton

These writings explain that the towels produced are made of high and long fiber,which means that the towels have a high degree of softness and durability.It’s very limited downy.

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Turkish/ Egyptian/ Pima Cotton

The use of the above words on labels indicates that the country is a cotton producer,
Due to the high quality of cotton produced in these countries, the yarns and towels produced will also be of high quality.
Remember that the word Pima is a kind of cotton that is made in America.

Unfortunately, some unaccounable manufacturers use these words to encourage a buyer which in principle does not have such a good quality.

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Combed and Ring Spun Cotton

High quality towels are usually produced with shoulder yarn, which produces very short cotton impregnations and fibers, resulting in a very high quality cotton yarn for elegance, cleanliness, clarity and resistance.
In order to spin the rings used for the production of yarns, cotton is usually used with a longer fiber length.And the most suitable type of yarn is to produce all kinds of fabric and towels in different thicknesses with high softness, which is of course more expensive.

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Zero Twist

This is a very delicate yarn that is practically produced with a very low (zero) length of long cotton fabric, the towels made of these yarns are very bloated.peshtemal made of these yarn.This is a very delicate yarn that is practically produced with a very low (zero) length of long cotton fabric, the towels made of these yarns are very bloated.peshtemal made of these yarn.

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Oeko- Tex

This word indicates a particular endorsement and states that the product is free of any specific substances that could cause a health problem for the consumer and is hazardous,This certification can be very important, especially for people with sensitive skin.
Among the hazardous materials are the form of aldehydes, plasticizers, pentachlorophenol and heavy metals.
Note that the above confirmation is merely for a ready-made product that is free of all materials harmful.

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Expresses the absorption of water in the towel.

( Gram per Squder Meter ) GSM

The weight of the towel and fabric indicates that the weight of the towel is lightweight and thin, these towels below 400 grams per square meter. naturally, towels weighing more than 400 grams typically include ordinary to heavy towels.

How to choose a towel?

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  1. the first and most important property of the towel is dryin body water and should be able to dry body quickly and well.
  2. The second most important feature of the towel is that it should be soft and comfortable in relation to your skin.
  3. The third issue is the weight of a towel, which some people like heavy towels.And others, light towels. Of course, today people are usually looking for a lightweight but suitable water absorbing towel.
  4. the fourth is the pattern of sewing, the design and color of the towel, which is completely Personalisation and And whoever likes one model.

Keep in mind that lint on a towel that has been used after some time is directly related to the type of cotton fiber and yarn used.What type of cotton fibers and with what fiber length are used for spinning and how they are spun,Which unfortunately, is not recognizable for the consumer,Color consistency is also undiscernible for consumers when they buy.
which is recommended, you chose for to buy well-known and trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Also, note that the dark colored towels of al-Qaeda due to the high color intake are a bit rough than bright colors of the same kind of towel, which is why absorbing less soap is consumed and after several times the use of bright and dark colors Will be the same.

Consumers should note that consuming high-quality materials for towel processing will cost more during the long process, which ultimately leads to an increase in the price of the product, which appears to be more valuable than buying a cheap but poorly-designed towel.

Towel sex

Towels are usually produced with standard cotton, but on the other hand, Egyptian cotton and tufts have longer fiber lengths that produce towels that last longer and have a better smoothness,It also absorbs moisture in the best way and provides better relaxation when consumed, which is used more often in such hotels and sunshades.
So when you want to have a towel, be sure to choose from these towels, these types of towels are usually softer after each wash.
And other towels that are absorbed the very high water and they have extraordinary softness. Towels made of non-twisted or twisted threads are very small that will dry faster. Of course, for those who are very sensitive to towels, they are not recommended to use this type of towel.

It’s important to know that some manufacturers use good towels of high quality cotton that are same with the towels mentioned above, and it is recommended that consumers try to buy quality towels.

yarn with Good quality

Knitted towels produced with the technology of ring yarns are without short fibers and impurities.
As a result, these types of towels have a longer life when consumed,and are soft while in use.

A brief note on the use of towels

It is recommended that the towel be washed before use, to better absorbing water and remove contamination.

If your towel is soft. Avoid adding softener.

Towel weight

The weight of the towel is based on the gram per square meter, which varies between 300 and 900 grams.
Towels of 400-300 g / m2 are considered as thin and light towels and ideal for gym and kitchens.
Towels weighing between400 and 600 grams are considered as medium-sized towels Which are suitable for bathing daily and pool and sea.
And towels above 600 gr, which are considered as luxury towels,Of course, they are dry late, which is most commonly used in hotels.

In the end, we recommend that you use the handcrafted towels, such as peshtemal, turkish towel, to always have the best.(peshtemal the well for you).
peshtemal has the most suitable towels for you (bath, kitchen, beach, travel, etc.) because of its great features.



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