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Do you know who exporter,wholesaler peshtemal online are?

you can import turkish towel,kitchen towel,tea towel,peshtemal online.
we expect wholesalers and exporters of peshtemal towels, turkish towels to find in Turkey, but when you get along with us you understand that it’s  not always true. The best handmade cotton and organic hand towels and luxury Turkish towels are produced elsewhere. And you can contact us for wholesale ordering.


You expect where  find do, the best manufacturers and wholesalers of peshtemal towels and Turkish towels ?

It is true that Turkey is one of the producers of Turkish and peshtemal towels.
And according to the name of this product, we focus on to this country  as a manufacturer of all kinds of towels.

You are also looking for manufacturers and sellers of a variety of cotton and organic hand towels (Turkish towels, bath towels, beach towels, kitchen towels)on this country.

In fact, the production of handmade fabrics has long existed among people around the world according to their lifestyle.
but one of the best and most original countries in the production of this type of product of Iran, which has the highest variety of handicrafts in the world.
The people of Iran had a great skill in producing handmade and carpet fabrics from last time.

weave turkish towel
peshtemal online

You will be able to easily get complete information about it,if you search .

In the field of producing fabricate cotton towels (turkish and peshtemal towels), motahedi Company is one of the best.

The company cooperates with a group of rural women and men who are proficient in producing cotton towels in Iran.
And according to their background in production, it is definitely one of the best.

fabricate peshtemal
peshtemal online

We have good customers from different European countries.
You can buy kind of fabricate and handmade towels ( Turkish baths towels, peshtemal kitchens and baths) from any country.
We have prepared for you the best peshtemal online.

You can see the working environment and different models of this type of towel.

fabricate peshtemal
handmade towel


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You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
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